#SuggestBuddyEarn - Earn With Us UPTO 50,000 Rs./Month by Promoting Below Links.

Q : What is SuggestBuddy ?
suggestbuddy.com is currently a Suggestions Site where we suggest bestselling collections online in india across 300+ categories. Users can also earn extra SBPoints with us by shopinng through our suggested collections or promoting our collections. We also provide latest updates on trending SALE online and coupons and best offers available all in one place.
Q : What is SuggestBuddy Earn Program ?
SuggestBuddy Earn is a promotion based program for all users and PromoArtists who have 1000+ fans or friends or preferably for users who have great followers on social networks, youtube or internet and willing to earn extra income by promoting our collections and links.
Q : How can i make 50,000 Rs/Month ?
You must have great fans or friends following on social networks and internet. Whether you are fashion blogger, review writer, youtube channel owner, graphic designer or a student. If your posts are interesting that gets users engagements so you are going good. You can promote below metioned links that have your Unique PROMOCODE via the activities you do online. When any user makes a purchase via your link you get SBPoints on that purchase. Where 2 SBPoints are equals to 1 Rs. which can be redeemed into your bank account or paytm wallet.
Q : How much can i earn on each promotion ?
It totally depends on the type of promotion you are doing. Lets say you have a facebook page with 10,000+ followers and you prepare a post with the PromoLink and your creativity(i.e. banner, video, review, etc..) and your work engageged 500 people on the the link you are promoting. Out of 500 people lets say 80 people purchased something from the collection via your link. So your earnings would be dependent on what type of products were purchased as on each product their SBPoints are listed. The same SBPoints will be credited to the buyer and you in both of your account. so for example 100 SBPoints were provided on each product that got transacted by your link so your earning will be 80*100 = 8000 SBPoints which is equals to 4000 rs.
Q : How and When my earnings would be credited and approved ?
As we are suggesting product from all online stores in india and each marketplace has their specific Order Returns and Cancellation policy so you SBPoints will be Approved once orders returns and cancellation check is over. which may take 4-5 weeks clearly so please don't rush. Do your part and you can track once your points are approved on your dashboard.
Q : How to copy and promote Promo Links
You can go to www.suggestbuddy.com and login into your dashboard from My Accounts. Once you are logged in you can click on Earn With Us tab and follow the steps as mentioned in FAQs. Once you login into your dashboard Earn With Us section all PromoLinks will be generated with your reference unique promocode automatically. you need to right click on the link on your laptop or desktop you want to promote and copy the link. or if are using suggestbuddy.com on mobile so you can long tap on the link, it will give an popup to copy the link. the link will be copied which you can post on the type of promotion you are doing. for example you can create a banner, video, write a review, post a link in comments on popular site like youtube, facebook and internet, whatsapp, email, sms or think of any creative way through which user might be interested to see yoour suggestion.

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